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Hello quaintrelles!

We've been planning to put this community platform out for quite some time, but we were not sure how to go about doing this. In light of this covid-19 situation here, we've decided to push this out through scribbles/short videos to get everyone through this period together!

We are currently looking at three main categories, Food For Soul - where we will have messages on a diverse problems in life that women around us are experiencing, Food - where we will show recipes/short clips on how to whip up some yummy food without compromising our health, Beauty - where we will share our personal beauty tips and tricks or even the latest trends, including short work-out clips/programmes for our ladies!

How YOU can help?

We believe every single one of us have our own stories to tell, and we all have the power to motivate and encourage the people who might share the same experiences as us. Through this platform, we would like to spur women towards self-love and selflessness where we can love ourselves and uplift one another.

To women out there who wish to share your experiences in any way, whether it is a guacamole recipe, an advice to other women on staying positivity or a short GRWM video that brings joy, please feel free to send us an email at co.ahavah@gmail.com or drop us a message on our instagram or facebook @ahavahco, we will assess the content and post it up in your name if you'd like. A small thank you gift will also be given to you, if your content is chosen to be put up on this platform!

Till then, let's stay safe and united! We will push through this season together! #womenunite

With love,

Ahavah Team

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