Ahavah is a precious start-up founded by two sisters with different personalities yet shares a heartfelt passion for fashion to celebrate and spur women towards self-love and selflessness. We aspire to clothe the women community with strength and love. Ahavah draws our inspirations from the modern women among us - the workplace wonderwomen, the hippie highnesses, the quiet queens, the daring darlings, the inspiring introverts and more - and we hope to inspire boldness and confidence in our quaintrelles.  

We believe every woman - a sister, a mom, a daughter, a girlfriend,a bestfrend, a wife - is a quaintrelle in their own little, peculiar way. 


We encourage our quaintrelles to continue living their life with passion, to only allow themselves to be nourished by what stirs their being, to not just adapt but take charge of their destiny.

"We believe in treasuring the moments we feel most in love with ourselves - what we're wearing, who we're around and what we're doing"

Warsan Shire

Ahavah believes in LOOKS BY MOOD and we only want you to dress befitting he way you feel. We believe that the best get-up is when you are most confident, comfortable and in love with yourself. 

Feel free to dress fancy, lazy, bold, free, comfy, adventurous or all of it together as and when you wish, so long as it brings you joy. 

"We promise with love to provide the quality you deserve." Every piece of Ahavah is curated right from us choosing its material and colour to every inch of fabric sewn.

We know that life is too short to wear boring clothes but more importantly, Ahavah believes life is too valuable to wear apparels of substandard quality.


With that, keep pursuing life with passion, we will run alongside you through the journey of life by purposefully curating pieces that bring you joy.